In Illinois Legislature, A Culture Change On Criminal Sentencing

ROC policy analyst Derek Cohen discusses the changing climate of Illinois’ criminal justice system with NPR’s “Northern Public Radio.”

“Prison is for the people that need to be incapacitated while they receive rehabilitation or while they receive their punishment…It’s almost a case of: it took Nixon to go to China, (and) it took Texas to say this needs to stop right now.”

Marc Levin appears on YNN’s Capital Tonight

ROC policy director Marc Levin discusses ways we can reduce prison population with YNN’s Capital Tonight.

Cuccinelli, Daniels: “Less incarceration could lead to less crime”

In their co-authored article for Washington Post, Right on Crime signatories Ken Cuccinelli and Deborah Daniels discuss how less incarceration could lead to less crime, and an increase in public safety.

“As conservatives with backgrounds in law enforcement, we embraced the orthodoxy that more incarceration invariably meant less crime, no matter the offense or the danger posed by its perpetrator. But crime rates have been falling since the early 1990s, and a growing body of research combined with the compelling results of reforms in many states prove it is time to adjust our approach.”

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Ken Blackwell: “When Father’s Day cards go to jail”

Right on Crime signatory and senior fellow for family empowerment at the Family Research Council Ken Blackwell writes in USA Today: “Given the heavy toll incarcerating a parent takes on most kids, it makes sense to place lower-level offenders under mandatory supervision in the community, allowing them to remain connected to family, gainfully employed and available to nurture their children.”

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Grits for Breakfast: “Right on Crime seeks world domination”

Grits for Breakfast summarizes the accomplishments of the ROC Leadership Summit: “Did you do as much last month as the conservative Texas Public Policy Foundation and its Right on Crime campaign to combat overcriminalization and mass incarceration?”

Marc Levin testifies before U.S. House Judiciary Commitee

Marc Levin, Policy Director of Right on Crime, testified before the U.S. House of Representatives’ Judiciary Committee on the subject of over-criminalization.

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Huffington Post: Right-Wing Prison Reform

David Keene at the ROC Leadership Summit: “Everybody forgot what the mission in our society of the criminal justice system is. It’s not simply to punish people. It’s not simply to extract retribution. It’s to provide a safer society. And to treat people humanely.”

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ROC signatory Richard Viguerie on C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal”

Right on Crime signatory Richard Viguerie sits down with “Washington Journal” to discuss why our criminal justice system needs to be reformed — and how conservatives are leading the charge.

TIME Magazine: “This Is the One Thing the Right and Left Are Working Together On In Congress”

Right on Crime signatory Grover Norquist, along with Joan Blades, president of, co-authored an op-ed for TIME Magazine in which they discuss how the left and right are finding common ground on criminal justice reforms.

ROC signatory Craig DeRoche: Not just clemency, but smarter sentencing

From The Washington Times: “President Obama’s decision to grant clemency to a large number of nonviolent offenders in federal prison has ignited a much-needed national discussion on criminal justice reform, but voices on both sides are missing some key underlining problems.”

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