Mississippi HB 585: Recommendations of the Corrections and Criminal Justice Task Force

Why does Mississippi need HB585? Mississippi’s prison population has grown by 17 percent in the last decade, topping 22,600 inmates last year. The state now has the second-highest imprisonment rate in the country, trailing only Louisiana. Without action, these trends will continue and Mississippi prisons will need to house 1,990 more inmates by 2024 – costing taxpayers an additional $266 million.

What will HB 585 do for Mississippi’s criminal justice system? HB 585 will enact “true minimums” to guarantee that nonviolent and violent offenders are never released prior to serving 25 and 50 percent of their sentences, respectively.

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ROC signatory Jerry Madden led the way in developing TX justice reinvestment strategy

Right on Crime signatory Jerry Madden is credited by the Houston Chronicle as being a pioneer for early Texas criminal justice reforms.

Vikrant Reddy talks to NRA NEWS

Vikrant Reddy sits down with NRA News to set the record straight on ROC’s policies concerning marijuana legalization.

Right on Crime in BuzzFeed

Courtesy of BuzzFeed

ROC policy analyst Vikrant Reddy is featured in this BuzzFeed article as he discusses the bipartisan movement to reform the nation’s criminal justice system.

SFGate: “Texas an unlikely model for prison reform”

Democratic California Senator Loni Hancock praises Texas for its conservative criminal justice reforms.

“Texas is investing in alternatives to incarceration that are proving to be cheaper and more effective at keeping people out of prison. It is also doing a better job of rehabilitating people to keep them from reoffending and ending up back in prison.

Texas and California are two great states that often see the world differently. In this case, perhaps we have something to learn from Texas.”

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A Second Act for Criminal Justice: Panel at TPPF’s PO2014

Adam Gelb, Director of Public Safety Performance Project at Pew Charitable Trusts, The Honorable Bill Hammond, President and CEO of Texas Association of Business, and Representatives Abel Hererro and Tan Parker of the Texas House of Representatives discuss adult corrections in the Lone Star State.

Nebraska’s “fresh look on reform”

In this segment of Nebraska’s KNOP-TV, ROC policy director Marc Levin proposes three solutions for improving the state’s criminal justice system.

Alaska’s Corrections System

Alaska has been on a two-decade incarceration binge with a growth rate 4 times greater than the state’s population.

This trajectory is unsustainable: the percentage of the state budget allocated to corrections grew by 25 percent since 2008.  However, through cost-effective, common sense reforms in sentencing and corrections, Alaska can reduce its reliance on costly prisons while keeping its citizens safe.

This new infographic by Right On Crime illustrates the the flaws of Alaska’s criminal justice system.

The infographic can also be viewed by clicking here.

Orange County Register: What does Texas know about prisons that we don’t?

In lieu of Chuck DeVore’s testimony in California on the topic of realignment, Democratic Senator Mark Leno and committee chairman, acknowledged that his state’s  criminal justice system needs improvement.

“We’re going in the wrong direction,” said Sen. Leno. “Not only is the population not going down, it’s going up. Not only are we not saving billions of dollars, we’re spending more.”

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Chuck DeVore discusses CA reforms with the LaDona Harvey Show

Following his testimony before California’s Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review, Chuck DeVore sat down with KOGO’s LaDona Harvey out of San Digeo to reiterate the prison reform successes of Texas and tell why he believes The Golden State would benefit from following in the footsteps of Right On Crime.

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