Mike Klein: “What We’ve Got Here is Failure to Communicate”

“What we’ve got here is failure to communicate.” Anyone of a certain generation – yeah, that would be my generation – will recognize that famous line from “Cool Hand Luke,” the 1967 film about southern prison warden Strother Martin and his young prisoner Paul Newman. Eight little words strung together became one of the most famous lines ever spoken in American film history.

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“Feds Authorize New Georgia Juvenile Justice Reform Dollars”

Federal juvenile justice officials have noticed Georgia’s aggressive reforms and must like what they see because Washington is offering to pony up hundreds of thousands of new dollars to help the state implement ongoing juvenile reforms. On Monday the U.S. Justice Department said it could make up to $600,000 available this year, with similar offers in Hawaii and Kentucky.

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Louisiana looks to Texas to get right on crime

The Pelican Institute points out that Louisiana is out of step, even with conservative states like Texas and Georgia, which have moved away from prison terms for nonviolent offenders to emphasize rehabilitation.

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“Is Georgia getting ‘Right on Crime’?”

From Peach Pundit: During the budget crisis that has dated back a couple years, many fiscal conservatives have been urging legislators to take a look at criminal justice reform Using the Right on Crime model, it looks as though Georgia will finally step away from it’s “tough on crime” approach to addiction.

This article from the Peach Pundit credits ROC policies with “saving taxpayers $20 million per year.”


Georgia Public Policy Foundation holds final meeting to approve criminal justice reform

The following videos were recorded at GPPF’s final meeting of the Georgia Council on Criminal Justice Reform. Click to view.

“Negligent Hiring” Protection

Ban the Box and Criminal Records

Food Stamps and TANF

Driver’s License Reinstatement

Supportive Housing

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GPPF on juvenile justice

In his article “Broken Families, Parents Without Skills, Kids in Juvenile Justice,” Mike Klein discusses juvenile justice reform in Georgia.

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GPPF: Framework Established for 2014 Criminal Justice Reform

Georgia would “Ban the Box” and take a deeper dive into return-to-prison recidivism rates under two preliminary recommendations approved this week by the Georgia Council on Criminal Justice Reform.  The Council’s final report is due to Governor Nathan Deal, the judiciary and legislators before they open their session on Monday, January 13, 2014.

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Georgia Public Policy Foundation on reforming the criminal justice system

In this article, GPPF discusses the significance of offender rehabilitation, quoting convicted murderer Aakeem Woodard.

“It is impossible to let a person go five-to-six years in prison and expect that person to rehabilitate himself and begin that process six months before you come home.”

GPPF also authored the article “Tearing Down Invisible Prison Walls Created by Poverty,” in which they address the issue of offender re-entry into society.


State criminal justice reforms in action

This new ROC infographic gives the facts about criminal justice in Texas and proves that our reforms are effective.

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Vikrant Reddy: “Three myths about conservatives and criminal justice”

Vikrant Reddy details 3 myths about conservatives and criminal justice – and proves why they aren’t true.

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