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"There is one transcendent advantage belonging to the province of the State governments...–I mean the ordinary administration of criminal and civil justice." -- Federalist No. 17

In the world of conservative criminal justice reform, the most exciting advances are taking place at the state level.  Every state is different, and thus every state is finding unique solutions.  All of the states on the left, however, have one thing in common: They are seizing the opportunity to cut corrections costs and keep the public safe.

Click on a state to the left to read about its successful initiatives or click on a post below to keep up with the most current developments.

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  • New Orleans Business Leaders are Smart on Crime

    Posted in Criminal Justice News, Louisiana: December 18, 2014 by Right on Crime

    A New Orleans businessman, Pres Kabacoff, calls to the state legislature to look for ways to reduce state spending, in the state that is “the most incarcerating in the nation,” starting with reducing the percentage of the state budget currently allocated to the Department of Corrections to house prisoners.  Other business sand civic leaders in New Orleans have […]

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  • Using Harris Jails Less and Seeing Public Safety Improve More

    Posted in Criminal Justice News, Prisons, ROC Blog, Texas: December 15, 2014 by Vikrant P. Reddy

    In Texas, everything is big—but that’s not always something to boast about. For example, the Harris County Jail, which houses about 9,000 inmates daily, is the third-largest jail system in the nation. Prisons and jails are different. Prisons are state-level facilities for felony offenders who have been convicted. Jails are county-level facilities that hold sentenced […]

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  • Georgia Targets Huge Gap with Juvenile Justice Databank Project

    Posted in Georgia, Juvenile Justice: December 13, 2014 by Right on Crime

    For discussion purposes, let’s imagine you are a juvenile court judge somewhere in Georgia. A young man and his attorney are standing before you, pleading the boy’s case. Within minutes you will decide whether the boy is sentenced to detention or a community-based program. Something about how the young man tells his story makes you […]

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  • Reddy: In Support of Mens Rea Protections in Ohio

    Posted in Criminal Justice News, Ohio, Overcriminalization, ROC Blog: December 8, 2014 by Right on Crime

    Being convicted of a crime is a very serious event that can close many doors in a person’s life. This is why there are many measures taken to ensure that only the guilty are treated as such. But now many states, including Ohio, have removed a key historical protection of citizens, mens rea. Mens rea, […]

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