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  • Cutting Costs and Crime: Levin Quoted in New York Times

    Posted in Criminal Justice News, Prisons, ROC Blog: October 25, 2014 by David Reaboi

    People across the country are beginning to wonder whether or not we are incarcerating ourselves out of an economy. After massive crackdowns on crime in the 90’s created hosts of stringent crimes and punishments, now millions of individuals find it almost impossible to get work. Criminal records, even for low-level non-violent offenses, can mean a […]

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  • Giving Kids Adult Records: Cohen and Fowler in the Dallas Morning News

    Posted in Criminal Justice News, Juvenile Justice, ROC Blog, Texas, Video: October 24, 2014 by Right on Crime

    The Dallas Morning News published a piece by Right on Crime policy analyst Derek Cohen and Deborah Fowler, deputy director for Texas Appleseed. They write that, despite large criminal justice reform waves sweeping across Texas, there is still one area where government over reach and inefficiency is apparent. Truancy, previously a minor misbehavior dealt with by parents […]

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  • Overcriminalization in America: No Home for Justice

    Posted in Overcriminalization, ROC Blog, Video: October 21, 2014 by Right on Crime

    Overcriminalization in America: No Home for Justice

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  • Pat Nolan: Fear of Crime and the Prison Build Up

    Posted in Audio, Criminal Justice News, Overcriminalization, Prisons, Right on Crime Signatories, ROC Blog: October 17, 2014 by Right on Crime

    Pat Nolan, Director of the Center for Criminal Justice Reform at the American Conservative Union Foundation and Right on Crime Director of Outreach, talks about how being a former legislator and having served time in prison has made it clear for him to see the bureaucracy within the criminal justice system. This is a driving factor in his passion […]

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