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  • Overcriminalization in America: No Home for Justice

    Posted in Overcriminalization, ROC Blog, Video: October 21, 2014 by Right on Crime

    Overcriminalization in America: No Home for Justice

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  • Pat Nolan: Fear of Crime and the Prison Build Up

    Posted in Audio, Criminal Justice News, Overcriminalization, Prisons, Right on Crime Signatories, ROC Blog: October 17, 2014 by Right on Crime

    Pat Nolan, Director of the Center for Criminal Justice Reform at the American Conservative Union Foundation and Right on Crime Director of Outreach, talks about how being a former legislator and having served time in prison has made it clear for him to see the bureaucracy within the criminal justice system. This is a driving factor in his passion […]

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  • Right on Crime Featured in “State of Incarceration”

    Posted in Criminal Justice News, Prisons, ROC Blog, Smart on Crime, Video: October 14, 2014 by Right on Crime

    State of Incarceration, a documentary directed by Andrew Gregg in association with CBC, was released last week on Canada Public Television. The film investigates where Canada’s criminal justice system is headed and takes Gregg to Texas, known for being “tough on crime”, to discover Texas investing in programs to keep non violent offenders out of […]

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  • Dallas Plans to Take Advantage of the 2007 Cite and Summons Law

    Posted in Criminal Justice News, ROC Blog, Texas: October 10, 2014 by Right on Crime

    Next year, the Dallas Police Department and county officials will make another attempt at reducing the amount of time an officer will spend on nonviolent misdemeanor suspects by taking advantage of the 2007 cite-and-summons law. The law was written by former Rep. and Right on Crime Fellow, Jerry Madden, and passed with bipartisan support and backing from both […]

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